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Pushkar: Works for Jai Walia and are best friends with Bani.

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He has feelings for Bani but has never expressed them as he felt Bani was not ready for that kind of a relationship. Nachiketh: Half brother of Jai Walia. Similar in character but some how didn't approve of many of his elder brothers doings. He felt that Jai was very shrewd person who thought about his gains especially in the business were as he liked to be straight forward. Hence they had their differences but never interfered in one another's lives.

Jai is really in a foul mood as Pia has just left a note saying that she is doubtful about going ahead with their relationship and now she currently has a foreign trip which would keep her occupied for almost a year. He has been giving orders and getting angry with every one in the office. Bani had not ventured into his cabin seeing the response of the people coming out of the cabin. She called for Aditya. Bani: Adi uncle something has happened with Mr. He is behaving very strangely and getting annoyed for the silliest things.

Adi: What's new about that? You give him his cup of coffee by then let me try to find what is wrong. He was excited about his upcoming engagement with Pia what happened over night God only knows. Adi: Please Bani. You go first as you are the only person in this world with whom he never barks. Bani: What? That's news to me as only yesterday he was upset with the project I submitted he wanted a changes in that.

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Adi: Yes that's what I'm telling you he only gets upset and corrects your mistakes but he never barks at you or orders like he does with everyone. Bani: Ok fine I know were this is getting to. I will go see the lion himself but is I get eaten up please save me. Jai: Now what is it? Everyone seems to me coming into my office. Can't have a moment of peace here. Jai notices its Bani and he softens a bit and says place it on the table and asks her to cancel all the appointments and to send Adi in.

Bani steps out and calls Adi again. Adi: What do I owe the pleasure of being summoned here and I hear that you have been giving everyone a hard day for Bani also.

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Jai: Stop it I'm in no mood for your jokes now. I have a serious problem Pia has broken our engagement. Jai: Stop the nonsense Adi and for once get serious in your life Are you aware of the gravity of the matter. Jai: I want to get out of this mess. Massi was finally happy that I found someone at last. The preparation for the engagement is in full swing and I have got just two days to present a fianc. The press, the party the guests invitations have gone to most of the places so any ideas. Jai: What and have the press hounding for another month and let Pia get a great publicity stunt out of this.

More over massi just had an attack two months back you want to send her back there. Aid: God Jai I don't understand what you saw in that woman to take such a leap. So now you want me to clear this up any suggestions. Jai: I have to find someone to present as my fianc and people shouldn't find anything a miss in that. Aid: Great what do you think I'm a magician that I just take out the wand and a girl appears. At least you had the brains to keep the girl as a surprise to everyone so that if one doesn't turn at least someone could fill the gap.

Tarun: Actually I don't think that will be a good idea with her. May be presenting her the truth would be the best way to get her help. Adi: looks out of the cabin and it stuck to him: Hey tarun you are a genius why didn't I think of it. She would be perfect and no one would doubt a thing. But will she agree is the million dollar question. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. This item may be a floor model or store return that has been used. See details for description of any imperfections.

The print was a little strong smelling to me. Great cover. This book is right up my alley, as far as genres go. I would have loved it if they all all 9 had been full length novels. But, that's my flaw, not the books' and certainly not the authors'. Verified purchase: No.

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Thanks for inviting me on, Bernadette. How did you come up with the idea for your book? What do you love most about The Love Deception? I love that both hero and heroine will do anything to protect the ones they love. You work in PR, what are the three most important ingredients in promoting yourself? Develop a brand for yourself Get your online presence in order. This is important to establish before you are published. Editors will look for you online. Probably the top things that helped me achieve publication were 1 Volunteering.