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Schlappig would say no matter where you sit. That said, the one thing that does make a huge difference for us is space. Last month when offering tips on how to get hotel suite upgrades for free , I wrote:. The single most important factor in terms of traveling with young children is… space. Be it on the plane, in the hotel, or in the car, more space is better!

Or you? To get comfortable. To lie down and get proper sleep. There were literally two empty seats on the entire plane — one was between my son and I, the other was between my wife and my daughter.

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My family is currently in Copenhagen. We flew a United from Dulles to Zurich. There were three empty seats on the entire plane — two of the three were between members of my family. The final seat map showed only two empty seats, but apparently there was a third as well. My family claimed the extra space on the plane for ourselves on consecutive international trips. You can do it too.

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If you have elite status with an airline, you most likely have access to extended legroom seating for free, either at time of booking or when you check-in. And besides, this post is about getting a whole extra seat for free, not just a few lousy inches. These are my observations after hundreds of thousands of miles of flying. All else equal, closer to the door is better as it gets you off the plane sooner. This is not a hard and fast rule. But in my experience, regular economy fills before economy plus on most international flights.

Choosing the Best Airline Seats Together

If you need to be convinced, consider this: hub-hub routes in the US have the most premiers because you have a population at both ends that are, to some degree, forced to fly the airline. Now think about a route like Houston — Austin. Or they may just fly American in general. Now think about a route like Houston — Lima, Peru.

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For international flights, it is not uncommon to see E- completely full well before the departure date. The procedure then is for them to go to the airport where they are assigned a seat either at check-in or at the gate. For whatever reason, a majority of people prefer aisles over windows. I imagine it has to do with having unfettered access to the loo. Finally, nobody wants to sit in a middle seat. That means that if we want the best chance of getting Mr. Or E-, if we must. If the middle seat becomes occupied, you can always trade the aisle or window for it.

Any middle seat in the center section of a twin-aisle aircraft is a decent seat. Yet most people treat it as just another middle. The questions is, will it be on the left, the right, or in the center? But you should bet on it being in center section anyway. If you bet on either side section and miss, you are going to have to do a swap such that you and your partner end up in either aisle-middle or middle-window. In either case you are either responsible for letting a stranger out, or have to ask the stranger to get up when you want out.

If you bet on the center middle being open and miss, you and your partner swap for an aisle-middle in the center section. And that is far superior to either of the swaps that you make on the side. This is the seatmap for Denver — Tokyo one week out. E- is rather full. I posit that the last empty seat on the plane will be a middle in Row That seat is likely to be one of the last seats to be filled which means we should want to sit on either side of it. If we bet wrong, our downside risk is minimized as we still have an aisle or aisle — middle if traveling with a companion , with only one person that we need to let out.

So if you ever book yourself onto a flight that has a seat map which looks like this, plan to stop back and say hello. Have you ever had an "SSSS" on your boarding pass when flying? What does "SSSS" on a boarding pass mean? A few weeks ago I wrote about how Air France had 21 Airbus As on order, the first of which will be delivered later this year. In addition to this being a new aircraft type for the airline, perhaps the most interesting part of this development…. I can't believe I forgot to write about this earlier. Well, I can, as it's been a complicated summer here, and this is one of those things each year where I know I'm going, pretty much everyone I know seems to be going, and at some level I think I just….

One of the best ways to rack up rewards points is with credit cards. The problem for many of us is that there are only so many things we can pay by credit card.

Save Me the Aisle Seat

That's where Plastiq comes into pay. Plastiq is essentially a bill pay service that lets…. This Equifax data breach settlement keeps getting sillier Chase issues some of the best rewards credit cards out there. So in this post I wanted…. One of the best way to maximize your credit card rewards is to pick a credit card that offers bonus points in the categories that you spend the most in.

In the past I've written about the best credit cards for everyday spending, restaurants, supermarkets,…. About Travis Travis has been playing in the world of miles and points for over a decade. At one time or another he has held status on just about every major domestic airline and hotel program. He has visited all 50 US states and over 50 countries. Nowadays he travels almost exclusively with his wife and three young children.

Yes and no. On United specifically, another thing to consider is abandoning a preference for rows 20 and 21 which are Economy Plus exit rows on single-aisle planes and instead sitting in the row in front of of 20 often row 14 and trading the inability to lean back with the potential for a a coveted empty middle. Kyle, since u r non-rev, I have a question, has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion… sorry I have a very nice Delta golf Shirt.

Nice write up. I fly solo a lot both for work and for pleasure and with SAS, the best catch for a traveler with elite status is the old fashioned emergency exit row free seat selection upon booking.

Order In Which Seats Fill

No free premium seats for us not that such a thing really exists intra-europe. Are all of the contributors of this blog passing trough CPH these days? I am OCD when it comes to seating on planes. And yes, the row before the exit can be prime territory for trying to protect a middle seat. How do you factor in UDU?

Also, having status when flying E- on partners help. Turns out by the time we took off it was the last empty seat in E-. The only time I would not make that swap is if the E- window had an empty middle next to it, and I was reasonably confident it would stay open. How would the strategy change if you only had one child? Would you do two aisles and a window or just use mommy guilt to your advantage to have your wife take the middle? The car seat for us is an evil necessity! I almost always do this whenever I fly economy on a transpacific or transatlantic flight.

Just thinking more about it, I can probably fly SYD-DFW in economy class without any complaints if I get an entire row to myself or at the very least have the seat next to mine empty. But my son is currently in the phase of kicking the seat in front of him, so we usually take back-to-back rows right now such that my son ends up kicking his sister in the back, rather than a stranger.

Her legs are still too short to reach the seat in front of her. The fourth seat is then 8C or 8D in the next row. Then assuming it is available at check-in, we move 8C or 8D up to 7D, thus giving us both bulkheads with empty middles. Now those middles are actually really good seats, and in the front, so the odds of keeping them open are very low. Then we draw straws to see who sits with the kids!

And much of the goal is to create a flat space for me, er I mean the kids, to lay down. Yep, we started as a family of 3, so thought and executed those strategies as well.

Bride Leaves Empty Seat For Her Dead Son, Can’t Hold Back Tears When She Sees Who Shows Up

I would take aisle — window and aisle adjacent. But in general, I would recommend trying to get the bulkhead, as the extra legroom is guaranteed while the empty middle is not. I think I could write a thesis on this! Only downside to picking so far back on E- is the smell and traffic coming from the bathrooms a couple feet behind you. For years my companion and I have traveled Southwest not with a child but a small dog so the empty middle was also important. Because of the dog I could usually get preboarding by explaining I wanted to get rear seats so no one would be delayed by the dog boarding or deboarding.

Of course the real reason was to grab the very last row aisle and window seats.

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The last empty middle on WN is always in the last row.