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Cons: Not assembled to own specs; flawed assembly: left break slightly loose. Flat tire on day 2, tube too small, tore. Asssaver fits as a mudflap but on wet streets the front and back wheels will spray water so strongly that only tight fit mudflaps will save your shoes, pants, back. Saint-Josse-ten-Noode Aug 18, Model Perfect commute bike : it's agile, fast and lightweight. The battery life is close to the 70 announced lot of hills and I'm quite heavy so I lose a few km of autonomy. The bike receives new features or improvements quite often, which is nice.

On top of that the look is great and many people ask about it. It's not a perfect electric bike but for the city, what a treat! Achet Aug 18, Model I truly love the way this bike was designed, avoiding overdesign, very clean, and smooth. This is something you feel while riding it.

Berlin Aug 17, Model Always problems. Samsung S7 not work with the App. Now I have problems with the rear brake. No fun Amsterdam Aug 17, Model The design is amazing I love the industrial black look, and the battery capacity is more then I expected. Utrecht Aug 17, Model I got a new back wheel from Cowboy because after my first ride the free run seemed broken.

Leiden Aug 17, Model The bike is amazing! Fills all my needs that I have for a bike. The only complain is the quality of the tires and the fact that I need to but a lot of the accessories separately. Beveren Aug 16, Model From the first moment I drove My bike, I fell in love with it.

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Never tried an Ebike before and I was always sceptical about it but damn, the Cowboy changed My life. Schellebelle Aug 16, Model Low maintenance because of the belt drive. It also has a great app and a great support team as well! Hombeek Aug 16, Model Basic materials used, you only pay the design and the marketing. The tyres are not adapted to the bike and flat really quickly, belt that makes a lot of noice, have to customize it by changing brakes if you're taller than 1m75, no stand, mudguards and support for cellphones the app is central by riding a cowboy.

Flensburg Aug 16, Model Everything works very good - except the tires The tires are looking cool but are not very resistant Aug 16, Model That's how a bicycle should be.

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Cycling in the city is fun again. And if you ever need help, you get it immediately via chat in the app. Groot-Bijgaarden Aug 16, Model Berlin Aug 16, Model Perfect bike. Wonderful driving experience. Minor things to adapt to, e. Ghent Aug 15, Model The design is very attractive, also young people are very interested in it. I lost the pleasure of cycling a few years ago due to lower back pain but found it back now thanks to Cowboy. Brussels Aug 15, Model Braine-le-Comte Aug 15, Model A click, unlock the bike and off you go. Namur Aug 15, Model Very beautiful and awesome bike!

Strombeek-Bever Aug 15, Model Superb look, fantastic electric assistance adapted to pedal force. Even when the battery is empty, the low weight of the bike makes cycling easy. So no panic in comparison to the traditional heavy e-bike. Brussels Aug 14, Model Kaiserslautern Aug 14, Model The bike is really cool and the way to move forward is simply brilliant.

Even slight gradients are no problem. I am happy to be a cowboy! Meise Aug 14, Model Aug 14, Model It's a great bike and I have a lot of fun with it. The simplicity is awesome. However, you have to know that it is a bike for the smooth road. It is good on the road but it can sometimes feel hard in case of bumps. Berlin Aug 14, Model Berlin Aug 13, Model Because its a lot of fun to ride the bike extremly silent but fast along the streets. Erembodegem Aug 13, Model The driving experience is great! Just chance the tires for future customers. Tienen Aug 12, Model The bike has a great feel when riding.

The off-road mode is perfect for the longer distances, while the road mode is perfect for cruising along the city. Only downside is the lack of mudguards, but they are promised to arrive soon!! Aug 12, Model Borgloon Aug 12, Model Fed up with using a car even for short distances I started looking for an e-bike. Until Cowboy came along. A small company from Brussel with a great looking e-bike.

I ordered two: one for me, one for my son. A month has passed and the bike is great. Very easy and no nonsense with this bike. Just start and ride. A few small points: after a flat I changed the tires and a noisy belt was fixed with a clean and a bit of soap. Easy do it yourself. Overall a very good bike, beautiful design and fun to use.

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And at a very competitive price. Never regretted it, not even for a second.

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Zurich Aug 12, Model Design, weight, electric assistance are perfect. Montreux Aug 12, Model I love my cowboy bike! Even random people on the streets ask me about my new bike when they see me riding by. The battery is amazing, I think the promised 70 km are an understatement. I would always buy it again! Nivelles Aug 12, Model I experienced electronic problems between the battery and the engine.

No assistance. Cowboy has solved the issue but it took some time and I do not have an explanation of the problem and the root causes.

Gruenberg Aug 12, Model Bike is cool. Lightweight and stylish. Riding is smooth. Bad tires and the noise issue with with the belt are the things that don't make me happy. Frankfurt am Main Aug 11, Model I like the easy way to travel with the bike.


Driving to work everyday and saving a few kilos of CO2 every week is a good feeling. As an architect, it was most important to me that the bike has a minimalistic look and the battery is well hidden, so COWBOY was my bike to go to. Wiesbaden Aug 11, Model But fenders would be great Landsberg am Lech Aug 11, Model Hamburg Aug 11, Model Emmerting Aug 11, Model Nearly perfect, only the squeaking sound of the belt on the first kilometers is a little annoying, but this should go away after some kilometers i hope.

Schweich Aug 11, Model My daily commute is now something I look forward to. Augsburg Aug 11, Model Like a iHarley - the bike you always wanted with an i. Customize it to match your style! Leipzig Aug 11, Model The Cowboy bike a very agile nice simple bike, which has its weaknesses but the price is fair and I have fun with the bike every day.

Thanks to the whole team for the awesome Fahrrad. Zuzwil Aug 10, Model Munich Aug 10, Model Support kicks in with an unseen harmony. These are the reasons for which I recommend the cowboy and would buy it again. Egg an der Gunz Aug 10, Model Berlin Aug 10, Model Nearly perfect. The problem is i had 5 punctures in the last 2 weeks.

Changed the tires now to schwalbe pro. The fabriy tires are nearly useless in a city like berlin. And mudguarda are essential!! Hamburg Aug 09, Model Stuttgart Aug 09, Model Juelich Aug 09, Model Riding this bike is fun. It just feels good and you are used to it after a few minutes. It is so good, that I am willing to ignore the poor name choice. Come on, guys. With a bit of skill and tools, you can make it work. Just don't expect to use them "out of the box". Hamburg Aug 01, Model The bike rides great and the intuitive assistance is perfect.