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Defense Department photo Obama has shouldered much of the blame for sequestration, even with lawmakers approving the plan and failing to draft a repeal. In recent years, administration officials have tried to push back on the narrative that the president is responsible for that host of budget fights that have consumed Washington and, by extension, the military.

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Obama has pushed back on the idea that tighter budgets have ruined the services, one of Trump's favorite talking points. Last week, Obama said the military remains "the most capable fighting force on the face of the Earth" despite financial challenges. Our Air Force, with its precision and reach, is unmatched. Our Coast Guard is the finest in the world. Trump has promised to do just that, but will likely face the same political obstacles.

Carafano said he is hopeful that a change in administrations will produce different results. We just have to have a president who is interested. In speech before troops in Florida in December, Obama said that he never shied away from military intervention, but instead took a responsible, cautious approach to those grave decisions. He has received criticism both for failing to zero-out those deployments and moving too fast to pull down the numbers before those regions were fully secure.

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  • On the economy, Obama owns Trump.

Nearly 60 percent of poll respondents said the drawdown of U. A slightly smaller 55 percent said moves to pull U. While half of troops surveyed see the reduced emphasis on large-scale overseas missions as harmful to military readiness, 45 percent see the shift to training and advising missions as a positive for the armed forces. For his part, Obama appears to have no such qualms about the approach. They point to what they see as an overly trusting agreement with Iranian hard-liners over nuclear weapons and indecisive, unfulfilled threats against Syrian President Bashar Assad for attacks on his own people.

The Untold Story Of Barack Obama

Retired Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, head of U. Stanley McChrystal was effectively fired by Obama after reports of their fights over military strategy were made public. In , Army Lt. The president's conflict with military leaders came even as First Lady Michelle Obama launched the White House Joining Forces initiative, designed to better educate the public on the service and sacrifice of military personnel and their families. Since , White House-led changes have allowed gay troops to serve openly for the first time, women to serve in combat posts, same-sex couples to receive military benefits, and transgender service members to announce their presence in the ranks.

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On the economy, Obama owns Trump | MinnPost

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Obama Reckons with a Trump Presidency

Obama, Clinton stress differences on Iraq, issues English. USA Today. Uploaded to YouTube by Jill Stanek. David Brody August 16, The Brody File. July 16, News and World Report website.

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How America Changed During Barack Obama’s Presidency

Birth Certificate. Mission Statement, stop-obama. Pew Research Center , May 2. Obama's Third-Party History. National Review Online. The Dread New Party. The Blaze. Obama and the New Party. Human Events. Population growth during Obama's first four years in office. Source: U. Census Bureau. Monthly Budget Review: Fiscal Year Congressional Budget Office. Delisle, E. Wall Street Journal. United States Department of Labor.

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Data extracted on: July 19, PM. Our Divisive President. Barack Obama populated the US government with communists.